When you are planning to do some home gardening one of the first things you have to consider is the amount of spare time you have in order to do it since if you do not have the time, you could possibly end up with a disaster in the garden. This is something everybody may know but just as important is having the proper gardening tools for each specific job you may consider. So, call us anytime to handle your gardening to look beautiful, we guarantee that you will love our services.

Before you to start buying all the tools available in the market, it is also very important to decide what kind of gardening you will be carrying out. Each task is never the same. You should also consider that 10 hours work a week in a large garden is comparable to 1 hours work a week in a small garden – in essence the size of your garden will naturally dictate the amount of work required.

Not every tool will be suitable for every garden job. Some tools are more common and are used more often and others are more specific and depending on the gardening that you have in mind and the type of garden you have, some gardens tools will be more important than others.

Basic Personal Equipment You Will Need When Gardening

  • Footwear – comfortable and proper footwear is required for all tasks before starting.
  • Gardening Aprons – are essential to protect your clothes from dirt and dust.
  • Gardening Gloves – these are essential as they protect your hands from injuries.
  • Cap or Hat – required to protect your face and head from sunburn.

Essential Equipment And Tools Required When Gardening

  • Watering Can – important for watering plants, shrubs and trees.
  • Loppers – useful for taking smaller branches off shrubs and trees.
  • Hand Hoe – practical for cultivating small shrubberies and
  • Rake – makes easy work of levelling soil and gravel.
  • Secateurs – very useful for making sharp and clean cuts on plant and shrub stems.
  • Garden Twine – necessary for tying plants to support stakes.


Depending on each particular job, you will need more specific tools and equipment for doing a proper gardening, but do not forget to get the basics as pointed out above as since simply having no hand gloves, you may end up hurt, or too tired for gardening as much as you would like.

Don’t forget that gardening must be something that you enjoy and receive fulfilment from and therefore requires regular effort, dedication and some expenditure and is not something you can simply do when you feel like it.