What you need to Secure Your Property.

To keep your house secure you need to make sure your boundaries are solid and your entrance points are strong enough to withstand unwanted intruders. Below is a list of things you will need to ensure your property is secure and how you can go about achieving them.

Having Solid Locks on the Entrance Doors.
You will need solid locks on the front entrance and back entrance doors. Ensure the doors are solid enough not to be crow barred open and that you have a chain across the door if you regularly receive unknown visitors or live in a more rural area.

Locks on the Windows.
Make sure you have windows that are not easily forced open from the outside. Having double or even triple glazed windows can help as they can help aid against noise pollution as well as provide a strong barrier against unwanted intruders.

Security Lighting.
Installing security lighting around your property is a great way to scare off potential unwanted intruders as they may get spotted in the light and identified. By lighting up your front door, garage and garden with security lighting that comes on automatically when it senses motion you can ensure your property is safe and secure.

Have a Good Fence.
Having a good solid fence up and around your garden will help you keep out pests and unwanted intruders. By having a solid fence potential intruders and chancers will be put off by your high security measures and will not be aware of what belongings you own within the property that they may be interested in. Consider looking into security fencing if you wish to take the safety of your home seriously.

Having a Strong Garage Door.
A garage is where many people keep their belongings such as a car, bikes and other items that may require a large amount of storage. Many garage doors are strong enough to withstand the pressures of an intrusion, particularly roller garage door and sectional garage door types but if you are in possession of an up and over canopy design and are worried about your property’s security than perhaps you should invest in a new garage door.

Author: Noelle Farley

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